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A horrible tragedy happened to a friend of mine a couple days ago.  Life events have lead us to not see eachother as often, but it came as a shock to learn that something so horrible happened to a precious soul.  I learned about it through text, and then texted most everyone that knew her.  The amazing thing is that her family is keeping the world updated on her condition through Facebook. 

Before, I had always looked at the "like this for prayers" or the "page for this four year old to survive cancer" with disdain, looking down on a population that no longer is in touch with their neighbors.  They had nothing else to offer these people besides a "like." 

If not for technology or Facebook, I wouldn't have known that anything happened at all.  I don't have anyone's landline nowadays, and I hardly ever see people other than by accident.  I find myself checking her facebook page often for updates.  I'm amazed at how helpless I feel.  Posting on her facebook, hoping that her siblings or parents see, is the only recourse left to us.  We can't send flowers or cards (per hospital policy), and only family is allowed to visit.  If I could visit what would I say? Would visiting even help?  I realize now, that in situations such as these, we don't have anything else to offer other than well-wishes and patience.  As my sister said it best, "Why does something like this always happen to the good people?"

And anyone who has ever met Erin can't describe her as anything but good.  If anything her one flaw is how nice she is.  She never runs out of clever quips, she never runs out of songs, and everytime she's ever been to my mother's house she's washed my mother's dishes. It still baffles me how she can always be in a good mood.

The situation has made me rethink my view on technology and my interactions with people because of it.  Once when I we were driving to work, this song came on:

     "Oh, Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for oh
     What do I stand for? What do I stand for?
     Most nights I don't know anymore..."

She exclaimed, "This song is horrible! They have no idea what they believe in!"
Get better Erin and help me figure it out.

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