A Little Less Conversation...

 I had this exact conversation a few times over the past weekend:
"Hey so what's your blog about?"
"Uh...  Book Murder!  Yah, it's about the eventual death of the printed word."
"Oh uh... ok, well, I'll have to check that out eventually...."
*hides children and books in undisclosed location*

In explaining it, I realized I should make some clarifications.   

My Book Murder quest started when I was looking up wedding crafts (yes, I'm getting married).  I'm planning a wedding on a budget, so spent many a day looking for cheap DIY projects.   Well, these projects apparently are limited to 1) paper crafts and 2) rhinestone flip flops.  Don't ask--the wedding world is something I don't understand.  There are SOOOO many projects for ripping up books.  Seriously, I'll never run out of ammo for this blog.

Paper in our society is very versatile, from origami to papercraft, so it's natural that people would want to recycle the paper that's already been used or printed on.  But really?  Whole books?  You monsters!  It's as if our culture has no other use for books than to rip them apart and glue them to, well, everything else.  I had been thinking of blog ideas, and the two really seemed to come together.  I then thought to myself, what else kills books?  Is it a metaphorical thing?  A physical thing?  What makes books useless in the first place?  My answers lay in technology itself, and new media--tablets, video games, youtube, etc, etc.  The cats came into play when I found my cat Arthur ripping a well worn dictionary to shreds. 

What I really want to do with this blog is to start a conversation, and I want to use irony to jump start it.  (Really bookshelves made of books?  That's like piling chickens in a hen house made of chicken bones.)  How much is too much for book DIY?  How deep will a conversation about society go on social media?  Does book DIY count as recycling?  Will tablets completely replace newspapers?  Will I ever not set my house on fire during a book murder work-in-progress?

The answers to this AND MORE later on in our programming.  Stay tuned!

~The Captain

P.S.  Apparently I'm getting hits to my page from something called NetLog?  Can anyone explain this to me?? Many thanks!!

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