Google Results Make the Kool-Aid Sour

So I was looking for a short white dress to wear after my wedding reception, and I typically start my search with Google Shopping.  It usually gives me some decent choices, and is always a good starting point when I'm researching a potential purchase.  So for the first several pages, the search results were fine, and I was absent-mindedly clicking through the pages.  And then it seemed like I was seeing the same 12 dresses over and over again. Meh, sometimes the results repeat.

But then I looked at the bottom of the page:

Actual screenshot.  Not shopped!

As the writer for XKCD figured out, Google fudges it's numbers after so many pages.  I was surprised to find that in the XKCD instance, it was 32 pages, but for something like "white dress"  It's 5

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