Flower murder?

Not only do I participate in book murder, but flower murder as well!

I've slowly been buying discounted roses for my wedding and drying them out in my studio.  It seems like a lot of flowers, until you use 3 dozen making your wedding bouquet.  The craft was pretty simple.  Hot glue the roses on the Styrofoam ball, then embellish!  I found out the hard way to add the handle (rose stems) FIRST before starting on with the roses :D  The little pearls are actually sewing pins, which stay in the Styrofoam nicely!

The process--complete with finding my HG Pokemon Game in the wreckage.

It takes a couple months for the flowers to thoroughly dry out, so this is a project I've been eager to get my hands on!  I dry whatever flowers I receive, so the first bouquet my fiance gave me is in it, as well as a boutonniere he wore at a friend's wedding.  Plant matter beware!  The Captain is crafty :3

~The Captain

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