A note on copyrights!

I feel that starting off with this blog, I should give a mention to the single line at the bottom of the page: "All works held under a Creative Common License (CC) unless otherwise noted."  The creative common license was first proposed by Lawrence Lessig, a big advocate for copyright reform.  

The idea is that as long as you attribute to the original poster/artist/writer, that anything under this license is free to use.  The only stipulation is that others are then able to use it and attribute it to you.  I like to share, and I like it when others share with me.  For more info, here is the actual Creative Commons page.

I include this tag line because I get most of my images from Wikimedia Commons.  It's a great resource tool, and I'm happy it's there!  It would make it much harder for websites and other media outlets to do what they do if the whole Wikipedia franchise didn't exist. 

Another great example of sharing and open-source freedom is the Ouyah.  It's a gaming console, powered by Android (ooooh delicious kool-aid), and it's $99.  It is currently in the Kickstarter stages, originally asking for a mere $950,000 to help build more than just the prototype.  It broke Kickstarter's record by earning $2.5 million in 8 hours

What's all the buzz about?  Well, for one thing all the games are streamed live and are free initially, with added paid content.  It's totally open-source, and in fact encourages hackers, and every Ouya comes with a dev kit.  Best part?  Taking it apart doesn't void the warranty! 

So in summary, a $99 game system, with free games, and an established indie following.  So far, it's earned $4.8 million in 5 days up to $5.2 million now!.  Hopefully it sticks around and doesn't go the way of OnLive.

Yay for using things and not being sued by copyright holders!

~ The Captain

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