Comic Con 2012!

It is my dream to one day attend Comic Con, dressed in only the finest of Spartan armor.  Until then, I'll have to live with the constant coverage of every movie trailer, new comic, new game, and new funny panel posted on the internet.  Even CNN had coverage...of everything there that wasn't comics.  But my favorite news so far is the new Deadpool game, brought to you by High Moon Studios.  I'm excited!  The "kickass teaser video" speaks for itself:

In more Marvel news, I've been researching the Comixology app.  I own very few paper comics (still waiting for my old Battlestar Galactica comics to become collector items), and I like the dynamic views the apps provide.  While Comixology doesn't necessarily bring anything new to the table, it does have a great selection of DC, Marvel, and well, every other comic on the planet.  A quick search yielded over 100 Deadpool comics, and over 1,000 Batman options.  Dark Horse seems to be the only one left out, but that was just a cursory glance.  For anyone who wants to get into the comic book scene, but doesn't want to get their hands covered with nerd, this is definitely a great download for any smart phone or tablet.  Even if you're not a comic fan, download it for the Doctor Who/Star Trek crossover series!  Oh yah, Cybermen AND the borg. 

And for those who still say Nay to the comic book scene, HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS? D'AWWWWWW!!!!

~The Captain

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