So little time, so much to do!

I've been lucky enough to attend two concerts in my lifetime that feature video game music, and the Legend of Zelda Symphony was simply amazing.   I wasn't able to live-blog it because of a dead phone battery, but hey my GPS held out long enough to get me in the area!  The care that was put into the composition was apparent in every song.  There was even a surprise Wind Waker baton for the second part of the overture.  It was truly a concert by fans for fans, and it did the series justice.  As soon as I get a link to the Wolftrap performance, I'll add it on.

In other news, OTAKON!  Biggest anime convention on the East coast, and I'm there!  Luckily enough, I met up with some other Otakon goers at the concert, and they informed me about the Zelda group meeting up today!  I've painted furiously through the night to finish my Ganondorf outfit.  (Sleep is scheduled for sometime later today.)  Saturday I have a big book-murder-esque surprise to wear around the convention :3

On Saturday, I'll be attending the Wii-U press event in DC, and I hope to have plenty of pics and video, phone battery willing!

One last item on the agenda:  a giveaway!  Share & like this post on Facebook, and you could win a book purse!  Winner will be announced on Wednesday, August 1.

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