Otakon Wrap-up!

Back home and exhausted! My book dress surprise ended up falling apart, but luckily enough, Ganondorf was still in working condition.  Otakon on a whole was great, as per usual, but I can't help but feel the events were lackluster.  Bandai and Sunrise were missing, and all Aniplex and Funimation had to offer were already existing DVD announcements. As for good things, cosplay on a whole was great this year! The average quality of costumes was better, and I'm seeing many more niche characters.

I would have to say the highlight of my weekend was the Wii U press event in DC.  I made the extra hour trip down there with friends and it was worth it!  It truly felt like a VIP experience.  While I wasn't too impressed with the Wii U, the video controller really changes the game play.  If only I could have that controller with one of my already existing systems, I'd be set.  The price point has yet to be decided on, and none of the Nintendo people could say anything about a hard drive.  They just didn't know.  Check out the video for a look at the demos!

~the Captain
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