Better nate than lever!

So my planned "weekly carnage" post is on the back burner due to some unfinished issues. Who knew glue didn't dry in 10 minutes?! I was very surprised when I discovered this small but incredibly important fact. Anywho, busy weekend! Not only do I get to attend the Legend of Zelda symphony in Wolftrap, Va, but I've also been invited to the Wii-U press event in DC! Live blogging and tweeting from both. There are also a few other surprises this weekend, and a giveaway to be announced! That is, when the glue dries ;___; For those that cant catch the symphony, here's some Zelda to keep you trucking, here's a fantastic website to help you keep up with all Zelda comics EVER. http://www.zeldadungeon.net/Manga.php

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