Drinking the Kool-aid...and getting a refill!

As I like to tell everyone, I've drank the Google Kool-aid.  I was a vehement Mac user for years and I owned the holy trinity of Iphone, Ipod, and Maccy Lappy.  Yes, I owned an old brick ipod AND an iphone.  At the time, I was big into photo/video editing and Apple and I had a good relationship.  Then we both started getting older, we grew apart, I had a few open-source relationships...Well, it was just time to end things.  

My first foray into my relationship with Google was when a friend introduced me to Google Wave.  It was neat for the time (you could go back and edit messages--that was AMAZING), but it drug on processing power.  Safari didn't like it much.  Then I was introduced to Blogspot, Android phones, Google analytics.  Match made in heaven!  Damn, that Kool-aid is good. 

The refill?  I've now messed around with two more products under Google's umbrella--Picasa and the Nexus 7 Tablet.  I've always been a flickr user, but I was just tired enough this evening that I caved to Google's prodding.  Use OUR image site.  Go on--one more can't hurt.  So I downloaded Picasa on my laptop and android, and I'm quite impressed.  For the laptop, I really like how it scoured my laptop for photos, images, wallpapers--everything with a .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .xcf, and .psd tag.  It also wanted to tag my photos with names.  May have to mess with that later, but I still find it a little creepy.  I also like how you can do small edits to photos from the program.  I may be a little late jumping on the Picasa bandwagon, but the last "photo sharer" program I used was iPhoto, and that was incredibly annoying.  Hey, have 50 folders with the same five photos!  Turn your sister's graduation sideways?  Here, have another copy!  I'm definitely ready for picasa.  it was easy to upload from my phone as well.  I'm going to investigate the sync between the two's albums later. The sync works great between computer, web, and phone!  You can choose what folders sync to the web, and a quick click for the other direction.

As for the Nexus--it's freakin' gorgeous.  It's a little heavier than a small book with a slightly rubberized back.  It was kinda weird that it wouldn't flip to landscape mode, but I started to get the hang of it.  I've been bugging my friends to get on minecraft incessantly, and I'm hoping the Nexus has enough power to run either a Linux or Windows emulator to run the full version.  (Further posts on our awesome minecraft universe tba).  I think it just might be able to do it!  This thing has a quadcore processor, 16g of storage (8g for the cheaper version), an amazing screen, full Android OS, and it's selling for around $200.  What's not to love?  Well, the only port on the thing is a tiny MicroUSB.  It only runs on WiFi.  It's battery life isn't the best in the world, but it charges quickly.  Thinking of an e-reader?  A tablet?  A smart phone?  Iphone?  Ipad?? Then you seriously need to look at the Nexus 7, because it is a HEFTY contender. 

~The Captain

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